Thursday, January 19, 2017

TV Reviews: Doctor Who- Turn Left

Day to day we are faced with choices that might affect our near and in some cases distant future.
Whether we talk to that member of the opposite sex we have seen a few times on the commute to work or if we take the risk to send out that book proposal we have had stashed deep in the desk drawer, the littlest decisions affect us in ways untold, to do or not to do, turn right or turn left...

The big story here is of course the return of Rose Tyler from a parallel universe, it has been the teaser of the story arc of the current series sine Partners In Crime. While undecided till the two part finale plays out if bringing back Rose was a good idea, 

Russell T Davies script was strong enough to not even give it a second thought, even if you do not like her return she is mostly a character that could have been any stand in actor or actress, the real meat of the story is out of the almost Twilight Zone like story, a terrible, misplaced and incorrect world where history was changed by the simplest of means and the Doctor is dead.

The universe Donna creates is one that is directly affected by some of the events we have seen in Doctor Who since the start of the Runaway Bride, with the Doctor killing himself along with the Racnoss by mistake without Donna there to tell him to stop, 

Sarah Jane Smith dying saving the hospital in Smith and Jones that was sent to the moon along with Martha Jones and destroying London when the Titanic crashes into Buckingham palace, something just barely averted in Voyage of the Damned.

Ideas like this are the the hooks of the episode and are for the most part entertaining, especially if you are a sucker for a “what if” kind of tale.

Conclusions are usually the biggest nitpick I have had with Davies scriptwriting, either the ending is brilliant and original as anything I've ever seen or it is a real let down, almost as if he paints himself in a corner at times and then bashes his way out of it, each time with a good or bad result. 

This one is a mixture, with me not quite convinced by the all knowing Rose Tyler who was forced to play the Doctor role in this one, but loving the weight of Donna’s mission to set things right and the sacrifice she accepts to get the job done so the universe can be repaired. 

The cliffhanger is sheer genius in how exciting it becomes very very quickly and this combined with a trailer that shows you just about every Doctor Who guest star you ever want to see in one place makes sure you are glued to the screen next week guaranteed.

Turn Left was a adventure that although it did not live up to half the hype about Rose Tyler’s return, it was still a solid tale that had more positives than negatives and made for a nice companion driven story to lead us into the end of the current series.

-Thomas Spychalski

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