Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Doctor Who: Two Missing Hartnell Episodes Found?

On New Year's Eve, a YouTube video was posted claiming that a poster on Gallifrey Base with the screen name of 'evil johnny' was saying that a friend he knew had a source in the know about the upcoming news that two William Hartnell episodes from the 1960's were found and if any parts remain missing they will be animated to complete the story.

The YouTuber goes on to say that this poster has some level of credibility as he has been right about such things in the past...

Read on...

Evil johnny had previously posted in September of 2013 that  the Patrick Troughton adventures The Web of Fear and The Enemy of the World had been found (along with the missing Hartnell episode Marco Polo at first although he later said he heard no more about this story) and was being worked on and restored, as well as trying to ask another individual involved but one who would not talk due to signing a non-disclosure agreement.

In August of 2016 evil johnny's source was also dead on about the Power of the Daleks being animated and released on home media.

So it stands to reason that although we should not get too excited, the post evil johnny made at  Gallifrey Base at the end of December of 2016 might be worth paying attention to based on those two past results:

"...My friend who told me about the Power DVD in August and Enemy/Web in 2013 has heard from the same source that two missing episodes are back! 

I was skeptical of both his suggestions in the past and he was proven right."

And in another post in a reply to another Gallifrey Base user:

"My friend just said two missing Hartnells will be back. He or whoever told him suspects the remainder will be animated. He doesn't know which stories.

That's all I've got." 

Certainly despite there being a ton of past fakes, hoaxes and plain out and out trolls about missing episodes of Doctor Who, this poster's past predictions that came to pass make one really wonder if we may yet again have the joy of having another part of Doctor Who's lost televised history returned to us.

Time will tell, it always does.

What Hartnell adventure would you like to see recovered and do you believe this rumor will come true?

Let us know in the comments.


-Thomas Spychalski 

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