Saturday, January 14, 2017

Book Review: The Snake Den (The Shadow & Ink Series #2)

Is she crazy?

Perhaps she is, but maybe Corbin is finally seeing things as they truly are for the very first time and has begun to realize what the voice she hears has in store for her in this second book of The Shadow and Ink series by Nikki Rae.

We delve right back into the complicated life of Corbin as well as getting to learn a little more about Six, the mysterious creature that has integrated himself firmly into Corbin's very existence after being nothing more than a voice in her own head.

This plays out as a struggle for the characters to grasp exactly what is happening and ultimately what it means for her if Six is as real as he claims to be.

From this is spun the atmosphere of mystery and tension Nikki Rae has become known for, as she never fails to suck me in with her intense ideas and cleverly developed characters.

Once again I am completely in love with Nikki Rae and the worlds she creates!

This book really stuck with me because with Corbin she touches on the fear and anxiety that not only myself but I'm sure many others deal with on a regular basis and how such fears can manifest from out of nowhere in our everyday lives.

Rae also does a spectacular job with Six himself, dropping little crumbs of information about him so that we are still not really sure who or what he is but it's sure to be just enough to keep most readers (and myself) completely infatuated with him.

Delving deeper into the story of Six alone is enough to keep me wanting more and more of this series. The world Nikki Rae has built has definitely wormed its way into my brain.

The ending was almost like a form of torture because I did not want my time with Corbin and Six to end!

Nikki Rae is absolutely one of my favorite authors and I am very much looking forward to book three in The Shadow and Ink series.

The Snake Den is definitely recommended in my opinion for readers who want a gripping tale of mystery and shadows brought to life with compelling characters and well-designed worlds.

-Melanie Rovak

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