Sunday, January 22, 2017

Star Trek: Discovery- James Frain Cast as Sarek

This week it was announced that British actor James Frain was cast to play the role of the Vulcan Sarek in the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery series, due out sometime in May of 2017.

Frain has starred in such films and TV series such as Gotham, Tron Legacy, True Blood and Agent Carter.

Sarek is of course, the father of the infamous Vulcan Spock, a beloved character of the franchise that has been connected to almost every variation or generation of the Star Trek universe.

Meanwhile the character of Sarek himself has also made various appearances in 'on-screen' Star Trek. Sarek has been in The Original Series, The Animated Series, The Next Generation and four of the original series of Star Trek films. 

That version of Sarek was played by Mark Lenard.

Star Trek: Discovery will premiere in May of this year on The CBS Television Network and then the remaining episodes will be available on CBS All Access and Netflix.

- Thomas Spychalski

(Via Star Trek)

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