Wednesday, January 18, 2017

TV Review: Doctor Who- Silence in the Library

I have always been quite partial to library's, having grown up right across the road from one for most of my youth and having always thought of them as warm friendly places full of knowledge and loved browsing the long aisles of books for a hidden treasure to take home with me. But after this week's episode of Doctor Who, I may find the library's a little more dark and sinister than before.

Steven Moffat has proved himself to be an excellent Doctor Who writer so far, writing episodes that have become instant classics in some eyes and being by far one of the people that really seems to enjoy and just get Doctor Who as a whole franchise, something evident by his recent posting to succeed Russel T Davies as executive producer of the show after the 2009 specials.

Moffat has also won three Hugo awards writing Doctor Who, so when his episodes turn up, you almost expect to be in for something good.

Moffat creates something “good” from taking the little creepy things from our lives and using them, from creepy statues in Blink to the classic horror movie feel of The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, it is all fear that has always been lurking around the corner, hiding in the back of our heads.

This makes a shadow creature who hunts in swarms and can strip flesh from the bone like a school of piranha a worthy creation to add to his others, one that could be anywhere in our own world right now waiting for us to make a mistake.

The interesting character of Professor River Song is another matter entirely. It seems that she knows the Doctor in his future and her own past and also has never met Donna, something that really does get the juices flowing as we ponder what this all means.

River Song also holds a mysterious diary that seems to be important to her relationship with the Doctor and also has the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver in a future form. Hopefully all we be revealed next week but I doubt it, this seems to be the kind of suspense they may want to torture us with for longer than a week.

Other matters are scattered into the first part of this adventure as well, such as the little girl who seems to have the library living in her mind and some link to it, as well as the fate of Donna as she was lost somewhere between teleporting from the library to the Tardis.

These events are by no means minor in consequence or standing but it does show that this is very much a two part tale with much more to come in the second half. It does do a cliffhanger’s good job though by providing you with much to come back for if only to see how it all plays out.

Instant classics have always seemed a little hasty of a title to me at times but it would seem that the newly appointed future head guru for Doctor Who has everything laid out for a grand conclusion to another top caliber story. He definitely seems to have his own formula and he’s doing this one by the book.

- Thomas Spychalski

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