Wednesday, December 28, 2016

TV Review: Misfits-Vegas Baby!

Departures are usually met with a sense of apprehension, whether that apprehension is for something positive or negative in nature.

This time is no exception as we say goodbye to Nathan (Robert Sheehan), the member of the Misfits gang that if not the most popular, was surely the rudest and most hilarious of the ASBO sentenced group that gained superpowers along with so many others in that freak storm.

As the title Vegas Baby implies we find Nathan in the city of bright lights and high stakes gambling with a new power that he traded immortality in for, which is being able to perform magic like feats just by thinking about it. It seems that after he was free of his ASBO he had the usual thoughts any new father and recent family man would have.


Of course this being Nathan and this being the Misfits, this meant Nathan trying to haul away some serious cash at the craps table by controlling the dice via his power, which also meant being Nathan that he messed up big time by shooting dice that had a die imprinted with the number seven on one side, this being of course impossible and landing him in the Nevada Department of Corrections.

This short online film was a tease in many ways, being way too short after the Misfits extended absence from our screens.

It was written in the usual brilliant style that Howard Overman carried through two series of adventures with our orange jump suited friends as well as some of the better Merlin episodes over the span of that series and the Dirk Gently special that has now been turned into a short series as well (As an aside, big wish on my British cult television wish-list is to see Howard Overman tackle a Doctor Who as well as I think he would be a perfect fit.).

It is nice to know also that Overman did not make the mistake of killing Nathan off, meaning that although it will not likely be in this series that Nathan has a chance of getting out of jail and re-appearing and making our stomach hurt and our eyes tear from too much laughter.

One low point if there can really be such a thing in under ten minutes of footage is where Nathan escapes casino security after his deception is discovered by pulling a rabbit out of his backside. It fits Nathan's usual character to be sure and I too admit to most likely finding myself a bit distracted if I saw someone do such a thing, but probably not so much that I allowed the guy to run past me and get away temporarily.

This is nit picking in the extreme as it is a send off for the character not to be over analyzed too much, but really this does stretch believability as far as the fiction goes.

Reaching the end of the short, we are briefly introduced to Nathan's replacement in Misfits for series three Rudy (Joe Gilgun), but really there is not much to tell about how good or bad a new addition might be from a random spin on his feet to answer 'Barry's' mobile and the lines “There's no Barry here Mate'.

As short films go it was nice to see Nathan off in style rather than a throw away line on the first proper episode of series three and something to wet the appetite for when the full series returns in October. I for one cannot wait to see what new powers they all have and to see if Rudy can even start to fill the large gap left in Nathan's wake.

Save me Barry!

-Thomas Spychalski

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