Wednesday, December 28, 2016

TV Review: Merlin- The Darkest Hour Part 2 (S04E02)

Honor is a thing that is very prominent in Arthurian legends but something that is lacking in our modern society if it ever existed at all. The Darkest Hour's conclusion was a tale all about honor and sacrifice and also the other side of the coin, where greed and selfishness rule.

When we last saw Merlin he seemed as good as dead but knew he would be all right in the end, the name of the show is his after all and we could all quickly imagine how a Camelot without it's dynamic duo of Arthur and Merlin would fall. However that did not mean that the rest of the outcome was so transparent.

Except it was...

But it also wasn't...

Another fact we all knew is that when the group of brave knights reached The Isle of the Blessed that it most likely would not be Arthur or Merlin that would end up sacrificed to close the veil.

 As stated above it was hard to see the show going forward without either of the two, even if they were somehow brought back after an absence. But as far as a fodder for sacrifice went Lancelot would not have been my first choice.

Lancelot's knowledge of Merlin's powers made for a refreshing change from the cloak and dagger business of him remaining in hiding while Uther was the main man in charge for the last three seasons.

It was also a release for the fictional character Merlin's psyche I'm sure as really how much can one person keep something like that bottled up before growing a bit tired of it if not a little bitter as well?

Positive’s did abound though with Morgana being aware of Emrys (Merlin's) existence as well as what seems a comeback of sorts for Uther in the cards next week.

The only thing I am hoping is that  Agravaine's deception does not become an overused concept that actually ends up hurting the franchise by repetition the way that Merlin hiding his powers from Uther became or Morgana's similar role in previous years as the evil inside Camelot's gates.

 To do something once in awhile for effect or when it serves the story’s is fine. To do so every outing to the point it is grating is quite another.

So far we have seen a very positive step forward for all concerned here and I await to see what happens over the course of the remaining episodes as we are once again led into the wonderful family fantasy Merlin has become.

-Thomas Spychalski

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